paradis des innocents launches Collection CODE

For the 30th anniversary of paradis des innocents, designer Stefania Samadelli has launched a second collection. There is a secret hidden in the new oversize dress.

A secret message is hidden in the pattern of Collection CODE. A text known only to the owner of the dress. It is the most private, personal, intimate garment the world of fashion has ever seen. The wearer decides for herself whether she wants to reveal her secret. It is her CODE that accompanies her through everyday life, protects her and empowers her. It embraces her with her own personal secret.

For the first time now, Stefania Samadelli has created her own fabric print, in collaboration with designer Arno Dietsche. The graphic designer and artist enables the transformation of poetry and text into a textile pattern by means of a sophisticated digital technology.

"When I heard of Arnos work through a mutual friend, I was very excited about implementing it on a clothing collection," explains Stefania Samadelli.

The first item of Collection CODE is an oversize dress with a tie belt. It was designed by Stefania Samadelli for a light flowing fabric and produced in a small manufactory in Portugal. The Oversize dress is available in four colorways.

The wonderful shoe collection by Cervo Volante has just arrived in our shop. The Swiss label combines in their products high quality and design with a high responsibility to nature and the environment.

Cervo Volante develops high-quality shoes for women and men made of deerskin. The leather is collected from wild Swiss red deer. Refining instead of throwing away is the label's credo, which naturally tans the skins of the deer shot in the hunt. The shoes are handcrafted in Silvano Sassetti's factory in Italy.

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