paradis des innocents. Stefania Samadelli.

My goal is to create dresses that are unpretentious yet still discretely draw attention to the wearer. The focus is not on the label, but on the woman wearing it. I wish to dress my clients, not overdress them. Through the dress and in wearing the dress, the client conveys a sense of belonging and individuality. Dresses made by paradis are not throw-away items – they are made using high-quality materials, produced under equitable working conditions, and designed to be fashionable and combinable beyond the current season. Maintaining a constant dialogue with my clients is of utmost importance to me. I love to experiment and take risks to find new solutions, thus developing my own design vocabulary.

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“Her dress was such a clever study in simplicity, that we found ourselves drawn more to the woman wearing the dress than to the dress itself. But naturally, we were paying attention to both.” Marian Izaguirre, “Life when it was ours”

paradis des innocents was founded in 1991 and has continued to grow ever since. Our first move was from District 4 to Oberdorf, then ten years ago, we moved to the immediate vicinity of the Bahnhofstrasse. Many customers have remained loyal to us since our early days and have become friends. The working conditions of the seamstresses who produce our designs are just as important to us as the satisfaction of our clients, therefore most of our designs are made in small quantities in Tessin. We use high-quality fabrics and happily accommodate our clients’ special requests. Our primary goal is to provide one-on-one consultation. From every day basics to an elegant evening or wedding gown, we will dress you for every occasion.

​A good team is stronger than its individual members.

In our Oetenbachgasse location, fashion consultants and designers work hand in hand. Close consultations and collaboration between design, production and sales blossom into new ideas. My studio and design colleagues occasionally work in the retail location so getting to know our clients and their requirements. Our team members include Monica Imbrogno, whose flair for fashion is much appreciated by our retail clients. Rahel Sonderegger and Barbara Köhler work in the studio: they sew one-off pieces and adapt the purchased pieces. Maya Spiri is responsible for design and production coordination. For more than 20 years, our experienced pattern cutter Andrea Merlo has been preparing our designs for production. We also have a long-standing relationship with our fabric representatives and manufacturers in Tessin, Croatia and Italy.