A good team is stronger than its individual members. In our Oetenbachgasse location, fashion consultants and designers work hand in hand. Close consultations and collaboration between design, production and sales blossom into new ideas. My studio and design colleagues occasionally work in the retail location so getting to know our clients and their requirements.

Our team members include Beatrice Steiner and Claudia Boltshauser, whose flair for fashion is much appreciated by our retail clients. Barbara Köhler and Rahel Sonderegger work in the studio: they sew one-off pieces and adapt the purchased pieces. Maya Spiri is responsible for design development and managing the production process.

For more than 20 years, our experienced pattern cutter Andrea Merlo has been preparing our designs for production. We also have a long-standing relationship with our fabric representatives and producers in Tessin, Italy and Hungary. We have partnered with photographer Francisco Paco Carrascosa, who does all the photo shoots for our collections.